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 avenue, kodiak foster

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kodiak avenue

kodiak avenue

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PostSubject: avenue, kodiak foster   Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:50 am

kodiak foster avenue

21 | voda |  III.|kullan|colton haynes

"If i would give up and break down, i wouldn't be the king neither a saviour or the lord of this damn city that i've been calling 'home'.i can't imagine a worst place to live in."

my parents one day said: "what about angels?". wait a second, angels? it was funny and rather marvelous to even put my thoughts inside such things. i was never a believer and this was actually the best thing that happend to me until now. my parents wanted me to finish high school with A+ grades and succeed at every subject so i could become a well-known priest. damn, i never wanted this but i had to follow my instincts. in other words, i wanted that my parents would be 'proud' to have a son like me. in my early years i became a captain in soccer and as well in gymnastics. i was popular in school, which my parents adored and they actually came everyday to my practice, so they could watch me. were angels even the real thing? my friends said that god was real, so how come angels wouldn't be? this was my question for almost the whole elementary school, but i was a kid back then so didn't really understand much things. as years passed i stopped believing in them and my faith faded away into pure grey dust. the fame ruined me, and so did one special good-lookin' girl, who was my classmate for three years straight. i showed her many times that i'm interested in her, but she always rejected me, cause she didn't like guys that were captains or just someone famous. basically it was hilarious, but i felt a deep wound in my chest but yet i became my biggest nightmare. nightmare? yes, indeed. after that i've been a terrible teenager. drinking, smoking, makin' deals with others was my life and since my grades were falling to C and D, at home wasn't really the nicest place to be. my parents shortly after the grades figured out that i've been hanging around with troublesome students, they cared but they didn't showed it. cause after all this, they told me that i was adopted by them. heartbreaking, now isn't it? i would say so, i felt different. like my body was capable of anything. i knew that i had powers, which contained water. that was actually the main reason i came into a swimming competition, cause' i could hold my breath much longer than others, i was also a fast swimmer, so how could i even say no to that. because of my fame, others called me the lord or the king, but this never meant that i was a bad guy. It actually depends on the whole day, to how i express my reactions. the girl of my dreams, showed some interest in me when i left high school, just because she thought that i wasn't like other lunatics. i wanted to marry her, she was my first love, the first person that i've ever loved. the person i'll always love until my end. she played her 'role' well, until she left me after the wedding day. excellent. just wonderful. It was perfect, everything went amazingly-good in my life, but when she left there was no turning back. i had to move far away from london, the girl that changed my life and my parents that wanted me to become something that i wasn't enjoying at all. i was never considerate a criminal, but my guardians/parents searched for me, over the whole state, until they realized that i left, because of my own free-will. right now, i desire to keep my power at maximum and i learned to protect myself. so who would come, met and challenge the powerful me? eh, i suggest no one.

"I can't give you a reason why you need to hate me, this you have to figure out by yourself. or else, don't hate me at all."

becca | it depends

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PostSubject: Re: avenue, kodiak foster   Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:07 am

it's colton!:3 popiši vse formalnosti, odpri plot page in uživaj!(:
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avenue, kodiak foster

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