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 glavno stopnišče

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PostSubject: glavno stopnišče   Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:16 pm

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rain spirit


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PostSubject: Re: glavno stopnišče   Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:54 pm


how sleepy was he? could he be even sleepier? he asked himself these questions again and again as he hardly kept his eyes open. he should really start going to bed sooner. some of his female friends already told him how incredibly cute he was when he was sleepy and his eyes fought not to close and he managed to mumble something while slightly blushing. he sat down on the staircase and thought for a second. what was he even doing? oh. studying. it was a lot of work sometimes but that's what he wanted and that's what he chose. in a minute or two he closed his eyes and fell asleep in the middle of the main staircase. not a very good idea. when he woke up he wasn't exactly sure where he was and he had to think twice before he realized he was still sitting on stairs. yes. he should definitely start going to bed sooner. he sat there like a zombie for some minutes and looked around him. his hair was a bit messy and his eyes were still telling how he didn't get enough sleep last night and some people might got that in a wrong way but he didn't really care. let them think what they want, he wasn't there to be popular or to be some guy who is perfect, he was there to learn more and to become someone. tho he did miss his friends from the circus sometimes and he wondered will he ever even see them again. they promised him but he knew all about promises. make it, don't break it. he only wished. most of people acted like make it then break it. at least in his life. he knew if he ever made a promise he kept it because he knew how it felt when someone broke their promise. and that was when he realized he was about to break his. "oh, shit!" he stood up in a rush and almost fell while he jumped over the stairs and suddenly felt quite awake. then he bumped into someone. "i'm sorry, i gotta- oh, hey." just the person he was rushing to. "sorry, i kind of forgot ... i even fell asleep a bit higher on these," he pointed to the stairs. him and emmanuel were supposed to meet around ten minutes ago and rain didn't really know how emm would react. he was about to find out.
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glavno stopnišče

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