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 spirit, rain

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rain spirit

rain spirit

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PostSubject: spirit, rain   Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:57 pm

rain spirit

21 | air | 2nd | tilaan | jang hyunseung

i am a boy, i am a boy! please, believe me, please!  no, what's that, somebody, help me, help me, somebody HELP!
the screams filled the room with horror and pain as the sharp knife touched the pale skin and left a deep long cut shaped in a satanistic star. he knew. this was his end and it started before he could even live. he never knew his parents and he was left alone in the cold, unpleasant streets that never felt like home. nobody cared and nobody saw. until one day a nice older man offered him a roof over his head and he fell for it instantly. the man promised him a warm place with lots of brothers and sisters, a comfortable bed and warm food. he promised him home. bullshit. all he ever got were punches and nicknames, touches and sometimes even more than that. he tried to run away several times but he always failed and the old man decided to punish him for betraying his saviour, as he liked to call himself. he decided to do the most cruel thing he ever could.
he dressed him up like a girl and sold him to a group of maniacs who were mentally unstable and did crazy things in their dark room. that night they sacrificed female virgins to the gods to gain power and they believed the young boy was exactly what they wanted. they wouldn't listen to him as he tried to explain he's a boy and they stopped him when he was even willing to prove it. they told him they cannot enjoy his body for a second or the sacrifice will not work. they only lifted his shirt up to mark him as he started kicking and screaming, he fought for freedom. they had to tie him up and as they were about to kill him, a huge wave of pure air blew them all away so heavily that they died instantly as they hit the walls. he stood up, found an exit and ran. he ran until his eyes closed and everything became black.

no, please ... i didn't do anything, please ... i swear, i didn't, please ... please ...
he woke up feeling pain all over his body but he felt a comfortable soft pillow under his head and realized he was all covered in white. it took him a second to see a big pair of green eyes starring at him and he got a little scared. the woman smiled at him and told him it's ok and she explained she took care of him after she found him on the street. she told him he could stay with her but she only had one rule. he could never, ever open the door to a room at the end of the hall. he promised and she smiled at him again then she told him about her children. some were older and some younger than him but she thought he'd get along with all of them, she told him they were all as heavenly as he was. she was a very religious woman but she didn't force him to believe in anything. she didn't even bother with the lack of trust from his side and left him alone in that little warm room.
her children really were amazing, they all instantly accepted him as their new brother. all except one who hated him ever since she saw him for the first time. she pushed him in trouble all the time and she wanted to get rid of him so she did that one thing she could never do. she opened the door, called him there and then ran for her mom after she pushed him inside and closed the door behind her.
he stood there shocked. he wasn't sure what shocked him more. the fact that little girl who hated him for no reason just did that to him or the fact that he was standing in a room full of bodies. a lot of them were already falling apart and the smell was disgusting but most of them were not there for a very long time and all of them were children. they all had the same star on their bodies as he did and he realized the nice woman who took him in was not any better than those freaks who almost killed him. in fact she was their leader. the door suddenly opened and the woman glared at him with a death spark in her eyes. he begged and cried and told her it wasn't him, he begged for life but she wouldn't listen to him. she grabbed him by his hair, dragged him outside and she slapped him hard across his face then told him to run as fast as he can before her big brother finds out about it. he didn't understand why did she save him but he did what she told him to do. he ran again and this time didn't stop.

a f-family? but what bad thing did i ever do to you?
he soon figured he was able to control the air but he noticed it only happened when he was upset or angry. sometimes when he tried to play with it, it got out of control and he blew himself high in the air or he accedentally blew someone else away then ran before anyone could tell it was him.
but he got caught one time. a man cought him and held him strongly so he couldn't run away. he was very scared and he thought he will get killed as the man took him away to a darler street but then he smiled at him and then showed him a few tricks with fire. the boy got scared but the man explained everything to him and even said it was something totally normal. then he told him they need new members in circus and asked him to join. he said they are all one big happy family. the boy got even more scared and confused and didn't really know what to say, he didn't understand why would a complete stranger want him as a part of his family. has he done such a bad thing? the man noticed his fear and calmed him down. he said he'll get a home if he joins them and the boy became afraid. a home? he refused at first but then changed his mind. after all he had no place to stay at. he ran after the man and told him he's in. he might made a mistake again or he might made the best decision in his life.

help me! im'm running out of time! please! somebody!
he enjoyed living with them a lot. they accepted him as a part of their big family as soon as he walked in and after they heard his story they understood his fears and they named him rain. they were all special like him, each controlled an element and performed using it without letting those ordinary people know they're using msgic. he learned how to control his element too and he practiced every day very hard until he got good enough to perform. he was good, very goor, and people loved him so he got the great final appearance at pne of the shows.

he created a huge bubble of air around him and he lifted himself up. people were amazed but something went wrong, the bubble wouldn't break no matter what and rain slowly started running out of air. he couldn't breathe and he tried using his element but it felt like some other force didn't let him do it. they all thought it't a part of his performance, him almost dying, but the circus crew soon realized someting wasn't ok. they tried to help but it was more or less to late, he passed out and the bubble popped as he fell on the floor, breaking a bunch of bones. he didn't move.
after a few months of resting he decided he will try again and didn't bother finding out what went wrong then. he got even better with practice and the name rain returned on stage, as professional as always. but he wasn't only loved. there were a few members that hated the fact he got so good so fast and they were even jealous enough to threaten him. the threats stopped after he showed he doesn't really bother and he continued his circus career even though it wasn't what he wanted to do his entire life. but he knew that staying there meant he will survive. he had no education and no knowledge about anything but his element and performing. he never trusted people he just met and he slowly started hating everything around him because he knew he could do so much more if he wasn't left alone when he was just a child.

oh, hi ... is this ... is this seat taken?

after a few years of constant performing and doing the same thing over and over again rain decided his journey with the circus has come to an end. he needed education if he wanted to become something or someone in his life and he knew that. just like he wanted to run away from his past and everything that has happened to him. he didn't really try making any new friends at his school since his intention wasn't to become popular but to learn. he was also very shy and still is when he meets a new person but that was never a problem for him since he was never a social butterfly anyway. he never tells about his past and he never tells anyone his real name which was given to him at the orphanage which he successfully ran away from when he was younger. he tries his best not to become a little scared boy again but his lack of trust gets bigger with every betrayal he experiences. maybe this is a new start for him. maybe this is just a beginning to an end.

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PostSubject: Re: spirit, rain   Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:50 pm

saj veš kar moraš narediti ne?(: piši pod claime, odpri plot page ter uživaj!:3
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spirit, rain

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