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 - neverending ♠

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celeste leloup

celeste leloup


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Your age : 26

PostSubject: - neverending ♠   Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:50 am

heyho peeps this is celeste on board and im here to sum her up a little bit. her app can be found here so if you want any detailed version of how she is, look it up :smile3: i'll point out a few things about her now:

♠️ most of the time she wears a quiet, calm mask
♠️ she comes from a normal family, nothing really woah in the background of it, but she loves them, she loves them. she has two siblings whose gender can vary depending if somebody wants to take them up: one of them is a twin. let me know over pm if you're interest of taking over that :smile3:
♠️ her words usually make a lot of sense once she speaks up,
♠️ everything she says is thought through quite a lot of times and worded extra carefully, so that makes a bigger impact on people
♠️ she is smart and she's not really afraid of admitting that, but she isn't a nerd or something like that
♠️ she loves her element, she loves nature and animals, sometimes even more than people
♠️ she's an introvert, so a lot of conversations for her might be awkward for other party
♠️ her weak point are guys, she likes to fall in love, and is afraid of being alone
♠️ she needs everything you guys can think of, but i won't mind forging up idea with you :smile3:
♠️ and yes, here you go, you can sex her up as much as you want :3

♠️ addie w. as her best friend
♠️ theo w. as stronger than hate.

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ninon dupont-girard

ninon dupont-girard


Število prispevkov : 12
Your age : 25

PostSubject: Re: - neverending ♠   Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:56 pm

omg hayyyyyy roomie! you know what these two are perf for roomies cause i think they'd get along just awesomely. <333 i guess they're both kinda on the quiet side, none of the party animal bs, idk delujeta mi zelo kvalitetna družba druga za drugo. + they both have addie & theo in their connections, so that would be v beau as well. <3 whatcha sayyyyy

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- neverending ♠

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