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 vaughan, élise viqtorie

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élise vaughan



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PostSubject: vaughan, élise viqtorie   Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:42 pm

élise v. vaughan

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What my daddy always told me was to be proud, to be brave. It was the only way to succeed, he said, and all he ever wanted was for his children to always be on top. And that is exactly what I am, a perfect example of a human being. I am nice, I am rude, I am brave, and I always get the thing I want, even if that means I’d have to climb a mountain or bury the person I love. Encouraging, that word is stuck in my head. I try to encourage, and I succeed, because that is what I was thought.


It was always expected from me to be the life of the party and that is nothing less than I delivered. I have always been just a face in the crowd and even though I have always been surrounded with people that adored me, I felt lonely. I felt utterly alone. It seemed like my life was a fairytale, but they are only written in books, and my life also only existed between the four walls of my home. Being social, being perfect was almost like a cage to me. All I suddenly wanted was to be free and I felt lonely in that desire. I did not say anything, because that is what I was thought.


I wanted to escape but on the other hand, I was almost afraid what to expect in the so cold world I never tasted. I dreamed to be normal. I was supposed to be immaculate, showing only perfection, without mistakes and flaws, but the only thing that element was for me was a flaw. A big flaw in the system of human race. A part of me wanted to go to that infamous school, but the other one was afraid of people there, a bunch of freaks in my opinion. Nevertheless, I went anyway. Like a perfect little girl I always was, because that is what I was thought.


It was a whole new world for me in the academy. But hell no, that was not a problem. I had my ways around people, I still have them.  My words charming and my behaviour smooth, everything I said to satisfy either my self or every other person in my presence. Everything was dishonest, even my acts, even my love and affection.  I could not really say I changed since I came here, I was still my social self but I felt like I got all the freedom I needed. I felt like I was finally around people I could trust and be myself with, but I could not, because that is what I was thought.


I am known all over the academy that I do everything with class. I am not the girl that would sleep with any guy that comes along, but I’m not the girl that will confess love easily. You could never see me alone, I am more or less with real or fake friends, because I feel safe like that. I am not evil or rude, my heart is rather young and pure. But I will destroy you if there is a need, because that is what I was thought.

Encouraging, lonely, immaculate, suave, elegant. Elise. Those are the words that define me.

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PostSubject: Re: vaughan, élise viqtorie   Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:50 pm

oh, i'm alredy completely in love with her, okay. welcome, ne pozabi se oglasiti v claimih and most importantly; enjoy.

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vaughan, élise viqtorie

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