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 you've always been my shelter

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addison winchester

addison winchester


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PostSubject: you've always been my shelter   Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:41 am

so: i will basically love you forever if you take him, because he's a big part of addie's life and she's a huge part of his. if you read her app you know that he's all over it and really, he's important to her. the deal with this guy is, that he actually started the fire that killed their parents. it was and accident, but it still bugs him and it has made him more of a closed person. i imegine him as somebody who can't really connect or care for anybody, with addie being the exception. i mean, he's taken care of her for her whole life and they really grew on each other. he's be quite a womanizer and a party animal now that he's on the academy i suppose, at least that's how i see him but all can be arranged! he drowns his sorrows in alcohol beats anybody who dares to hurt his little sister. oh fuck it i see him as dean winchester from supernatural but yeah, he's pretty much open!

basic info: about the age, he's addie's big bro so i don't know, older student or young professor? i see him quite powerfull with his element, i mean he burned a house down as a child. speaking of which, he is a fire guy. yeah. and as it goes for his face, i'm open for anything, really!

so. if you decide to take this hottie, i'd be really happy! pm me and we'll tak the details, okay? ;3

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you've always been my shelter

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