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 leloup, celeste zoella

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celeste leloup

celeste leloup


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PostSubject: leloup, celeste zoella   Fri Aug 29, 2014 7:18 am

celeste z. leloup

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Pozdravljeni na akademiji za obvladovalce elementov. Pred tabo je par vprašanj, na katera moraš odgovoriti, da te bolje spoznamo.
“Right...” her lips formed into a soft smile as her eyes were slowly piercing through the person on the chair in front of the desk. She crossed her legs, her left arm raised up to touch her hair, playing with it. It wasn’t the first time she was doing something like this: she was practically doing interviews every once in a while on steps on her life. They were all the same, though. Which made them uninteresting, and tiring. However, she remained calmly still, waiting for the questions to begin taking place.

1.) Nam lahko poveš, kakšne so tvoje prednosti? V čem si najboljši/a?
“What d’ya mean the best?” perhaps she sounded a little bit too confused for interviewers taste, as she observed every part of their body tense up a little bit. Oh, well. Why were they asking such a thing? She was not exactly used to self praise, she rarely spoke about her strengths, because, quite frankly, she was discovering them bits by bis. Smiling then, she spoke up to break the silence before the person in front of her opened their mouth. “I’m good at thinking. I usually don’t like to speak unless I know my words will have a very strong point. I like thinking. I am also good with animals. I adore them, and vice versa. And sometimes I adore them even more than people.”

2.) Kaj pa tvoje šibke točke?
It didn’t take a second after the question was posed that the smirk on her lips arose, and she shrugged a little bit “Pretty guys. And I am not a hopeless romantic, or a whore, or anything like that. Afraid of being alone, I could say. But it’s good to be aware of such a trait.” leaning to the said, her hand fell down from her hair, she slowly placed it on her leg, “I am also reckless once it comes to things that I fight for, I guess. Easy to get killed, or something like that, they say.” saying that as if it was nothing really, could be surprising. But not for her, really. She was used to being this calm around everything, she was aware of her weaknesses. This academy needed to know she was aware of them.

3.) Česa se najbolj bojiš?
Next one was just like the other two, somehow connected to one another, but at the same time, it did not make much of a sense to start with such questions. She liked that, though, it kept things interesting, perhaps even more interesting than most of the interviews she was through. Afraid.. what was she afraid of..? “I’d like to say nothing, but then again, that answer would not suffice to you, am I right?” she’s asked, still looking at the human, thinking. “Failure,” simple, right? It did not need more of an explanation than just that.

4.) Kaj je glavni cilj v tvojem življenju?
Okay, perhaps she was wrong, and this was getting ridiculous. “With all due respect, I am twenty years old. I have no idea what my main goal would be at this point of my life. Finish this academy, maybe.” she was organized, yes, but not that organized. Were they posing same questions to everybody? Silly.

5.) Kaj pa družina? Ste še vedno v stikih? Se dobro razumeš z njimi?
She cleared her mind off of ridiculousness of the last question, trying to word the next one. “Leloup family is a good family. I stay in contact with the, but they usually lose a nerve or two at me when we talk. We argue, we yell at the breakfast table and we are nothing as any other perfect family would look like, we make each other upset, but they still love me, and I love them, and that’s what’s important.” shrugging, she raised up an eyebrow. What was the next question?

6.) Imaš kakšno sestro, morda brata? Kaj pa drugi sorodniki - kdo ti pomeni največ?
Oh, right, that one. “I have two siblings. One younger, the other is a little bit older than me, my twin. I’ll let you guess or figure out what gender they are, and since hey, we have the same last name, and we probably look similar, it should not be that hard, right?” she was being a tease right now. But could they really just not look this up in her school file and figure it out for themselves? “I love my mother the most. She’s a hopeless romantic, but she’s great. My father is obsessed with history of our kind, and very proud of our ancestors. I don’t love him as much, but they always said I was his favorite. I don’t really have any other contact with a wider family. My last grandparent passed away a few years ago: he was a great person and the only one in our family with an earth affinity besides me.”

7.) Katere so tiste tvoje tri lastnosti po katerih izstopaš?
It was easy to sigh on the question she believed she answered through all her answers already. “I’m impatient, I’m reckless, and I am smart, does that suffice for this question?”

8.) Kako bi te prijatelji lahko opisali?
Another sigh came out of her mouth, because as soon as she’s thought questions about her personality were done, boom, there was another. She looked up, piercing through the interviewer with a disbelief on her face now. “Ask them. I don’t know how they see me. I rarely have someone who I’d call a friend, so you and I both will have a hard time, me thinking what would they say, and you searching for people I trust unconditionally.” she nodded at the end of the question, shaking her head now. “Do you have any questions unrelated to the traits I went all over already?”

9.) Imaš kakšno čudaško navado? Morda kakšno posebnost?
Her eyebrows raised up as the next question was up in the air. Weird habit? “Not really. I drink coffee every morning because I believe it keeps me up all day. But that's not really that weird, right? I also like to observe people, quite a lot before I meet them. So... maybe that's weird too. I do not know, you tell me?”

10.) Kaj iz tvoje preteklosti bi najraje izpostavil/a?
She smiled now. “Probably a day when I saw something growing next to me and I knew it was me doing it. I love the element I can control, I always did. Nature is my second home, or so the mother said to me, talking about me and how it was.” stopping for a little bit, she looked down “I also liked my first kiss at the age of fifteen. It was soft, and nice, and warm. It reminded me of a taste of a good coffee. You know, the one you really really enjoy very much.” getting a little reserved, a tiny red marks appeared on her cheeks. Ah, Celeste.

11.) Označi tisto kar imaš raje/kar te bolje opisuje;
Looking down at a paper, she almost mused at the options. But she still took a pen off the desk and started marking.

a) tea - coffee - hot chocolate
b) spring - summer - autumn - winter
c) extrovert - introvert
d) i like things organized - i am very spontaneous
e) not easy to hurt - easily hurt
f) i like talking - i'm the quiet one
g) pesimist - realist - optimist
h) ice cream - cake - chocolate
i)  sun - rain - snow

“Here ya go” she added with a smile.

12.) Povej nam kaj o svojih hobijih.
“I like horseback riding.” and in fact, she was actually very good at it. She loved horses ever since she was a little girl. “I also have some of my time spent in library to study about every little detail that this academy perhaps cannot teach us because it’s so many details on this world, that it’s just too much.” she continued, smiling “I also like stars on the sky and I like learning about them.”

13.) Kaj iz preteklosti najbolj obžaluješ?
She wasn’t sure if she wanted to shrug it off or say anything on this question. “Well, of course I had the regrets, I guess...” she started, a little uncomfortable as she crossed her arms on her chest, slowly looking down to the floor “But I guess I would choose different words to say to my grandfather before he died instead of saying he was a complete idiot. I wouldn’t end it up like that, I wouldn’t be so harsh on him. But now well.. it’s all too late.” her bottom lip trembled as her voice lowered down at that one. It still hurt enough to tear apart her chest. “I miss him.” breaking point? They had to stop this as soon as possible, she did not want to cry a river in front of a stranger. It was way easier to put up a scheme.

14.) Po čem si najbolj razpoznaven/a?
Thankfully, the interviewer skipped to the next topic instead of dragging into the last one. She was greateful, at least a little bit, even though the last question wasn’t really an easy one to answer. “Ice queen to people around me? I don’t know. You ask them.”

Hvala za tvoje odgovore.
So this was it? She actually gladly stood off that chair and smiled at the person one more time before leaving the room. She exhaled as she was walking through the doors, glad it was all done. She was not exactly a people person.

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PostSubject: Re: leloup, celeste zoella   Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:00 am

She seems interesting, lepo se bo vklopila:) popisi vse formalnosti, odpri svoj plot page in uzivaj:)
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leloup, celeste zoella

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